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My name is Ulrika Blå eld Wedin and I am a dancer and choreographer with my base in Stockholm, Sweden. The dance is my life and work. Im still a clubbdancer/raver in my heart, loving the art of movement - choreography and good music. What drives me is the deeper truth that goes beyond concept and intellect that can reach every creation and being by shining into our hearts even when its darker than dark...

This INVITATION dance online - free flow grew from the circumstance that we all are at the moment - I n  t h e  p a n d e m I c. We are all effected by it in diffrent ways, for me my dancework has been deeply effected and some projects is on hold at the moment. So out of that, lets don't stop dance - maybe this is the time to start! Lets use and challenge the cyber space to connect through dance, body and heart!

Warmly welcome all!

...Professional, non professional, dance lover, the ones hanging in the bar don't dare to reach the dance floor, the ones still dancing when the morning comes and everyone else having a body <3


                                                                                                                                                                     2021 - 02 -01

L I N K S  to find out more about my work / LÄNKAR

website ulrikawedin.com

youtubechanell youtube.com/user/uloulo13

instagram instagram.com/ulrika.dance

dancing with my dearest sister aka Black Pudding Poetry  blackpuddingpoetry.se